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As they say everything worthwhile begins with the dream same story is behind maharaja dehydration pvt. Ltd. A journey of a man from a farmer to becoming a successful and leading exporter in dehydration industry . Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr. V. P. Koradiya, belongs from a farmer’s family, having vast experience in Agriculture & dehydration business, The journey started in the year of 1992 were Indian Dehydration Industry was rising up With Vision to cater better with consistency in quality with food safety and over 3 decades of experience, leaded us to establishing with state – of – the – art production facility, Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd .

Today Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd is one of the leading producer and exporter of dehydrated products & more over our region Mahuva which is second largest belt of onion growing area in India, which provide us very best verity onion available for dehydration in India
Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd located geographical opportunity of being in the center which is Best growing region of Peanuts, Cotton, Cumin, Sesame, Coriander, Onion, Fenugreek, Fennel, Celery and Garlic.
We have an opportunity to serve our clients with farm to fork; with vision to cater the authentic test from industries till single customer level
At Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd. we monitor crops from seeds to shipping, thanks to our experience in Agriculture which provides us to choose right time and breed to produce best quality products.

Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd is equipped with all kind of resources which can meet increasing demand in International Market right from state of the art production facility to world wiled logistic, distribution and fully customized solutions.

Maharaja Dehydration
Maharaja Dehydration


To strengthen our position in the dehydrated food category in terms of visibility and market share while continuously improving on quality standards and tastes.


Our Mission is to improve the productivity by adhering best quality practices, production of high quality dehydrated products and efficient supply chain
Maharaja Dehydration

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