Quality Check Points in Process

The mentioned steps are explaining basic dehydration process,
To get detailed process flow chart of milling, powder, grinding & frying


RM Arrival from Farm

Fresh RM comes straight away from Farms
QC Checks Perform
Visual Inspection
TSS Measurement
Foreign Contamination Checking


Washing and Sanitation

Washing of RM through latest ozone cleaning method
QC Check
PPM Check


5 Stage Drying through Multistage Hot air drying

QC Check
Moisture Measurement


Slicing and Feeding on belt

QC Check
Slice thickness checking through Vernier calliper


Second stage hot drying

QC Check
Moisture Measurement


Dehydrated onion slices are moved through food-grade conveyors a controlled conditioned room & get cooling in a cold dryer.

QC Check
Maintain Temperature & Humidity of environment


Kibbled sorting based on high-definition image sensing technology to remove onion roots & other impurities.

QC Check
Foreign matter check


Crispy onion slices passes through huller machine. Here kapcha , kibbled are separated & further skins are removed through efficient air aspirator

QC Check
Vegetable impurities ratio checking


Pass Through High Effective Rare earth magnets and metal detector to remove metallic impurities.

QC Check
Varification through metal pieces (CCP)


sorted Onion Kibbled pass Through Manual sorting belt to remove remaining foreign bodies

QC Check
Check Foreign bodies contamination


The polybags are packed in paper bags or in corrugated boxes as per the requirement of customers

QC Check
Packaging Material inspection, Sealing Check


Finished final product i.e. dehydrated onion kibble is packed in moisture free food grade 2 layer polybags of high standard quality

QC Check
Packing material inspection

Food Safety

  • We have a state of the art In-house testing laboratory with GMP model equipment’s to analyse Physical, Chemical & Microbiological testing Parameters.
  • Adequate offline and online metal detection ensuring the absence of Fe, Non-Fe & SS particles in all the batches before dispatch.
  • We own Technically Qualified staff in our Quality & Production Department.
  • For better food safety and quality purpose we have in-house sterilization process as per the requirements.
  • We pass our products through RGB Color Sorter to remove vegetative impurities like roots, off-color particles, black or burnt particles, and foreign matters like threads, plastic pieces, and small stones.
  • As per COVID-19 guidelines, sanitation program for all the workers & staff by sanitation tunnel and temperature monitoring using an infrared device.
  • Continues improvement through in-house & customer’s feedback.
  • Compliance of all legal requirements.
  • We pay close attention to the transition from allergens.
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